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Visually Concealed.
On 16th August-4th September. Daniel Diaz's combination of accidental and deliberate forms adopt the colours and imagery of his native Cuba to capture the thrill of nature and life.


Scenes of Obsolete Dreams.
On 17th July-8th August. Cuban painter Alberto Martinez delights us with a summary of his surrealist opus over the past few years, which induces viewers to joy and even laughter.


A Century of Cuban Art (Work in Progress).
On 12th-18th June. Avant-garde and contemporary works by highly collectable artists from Cuba. Please email to attend one of our events around this exhibition. 


Lanzarote, Heirs of the Volcano.
On 29th May-6th June. Exhibit by a collective of artists from the Asociación Cultural Perro Flaco, who will fly into London for the opening, 6.30-9pm; please email to join our bienvenida.

Inspired by her home country, this exhibition is a profound personal reflection in support of the charity Just a Drop. 8th-28th May. RSVP to attend the private view on 8th May, 6.30-9pm.


Femininity, by Cuban artist Josiel Santalla.
Figurative paintings and collagraphies centre on women: stylised exotic visages evocatively present in vivid colours warmth, maternity, reminiscence, romance...

A spectacular collection of photographs celebrating Cuban identity and solidarity, set to coincide with the London Commission of Enquiry for the Cuban Five. From 6th to 28th March 2014.


A collection of artworks made by survivors of torture, who are seeking asylum and refuge in the UK. From 12th to 23rd December 2013


An exhibition of Cyntia Cerrato's surrealist watercolour landscapes that deal with nostalgia, childhood memories and madness. Opening on Thursday 21st November, 7.00-9.00pm. 

With Dan Doodies. This first solo exhibition shows two distinct sides of his work: striking British landscapes and black and white designs, like the Spinny Treat.


First solo exhibition by young emerging Japanese artist, Taki Kitada showcasing a selection of representational and symbolic acrylic and watercolor paintings.

Respira el Mar (Breathe the Sea) by Argentinian artist Julian Cortary. A beach, a city, a port: Mar del Plata. 13 works coming to London for the first time, to stay. 


Selected artwork showcasing Danilo Piga's passion for film, music and popular culture. Private view on Thursday 25th July, 6.30-9.00pm. 


A solo exhibition by Cuban artist Sarahy Martinez. Private view with the presence of the artist on Thursday 27th June, 6.30-9.00pm. 

A solo exhibition by Cuban artist Chamart. Private view at 13 The Gallery with the presence of Chamart on Thursday 30th May, 6.00-9.00pm. 

A solo exhibition by Alejandro Gortazar to raise funds for the UK-Sri Lanka Trauma Group. Private view on 27th April, 3.00-6.00pm, RSVP This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

A collective exhibition of cuban artists bringing for the first time their excellence, light, magic and colour to London.

International and Interdisciplinary Art of Today, a collective exhibition with a variety of media to express today’s art tendencies.

Born in Havana in 1968, José Andrés Michel Rollock is a painter, sculptor and draftsman, one among the most valued in Cuba’s plastic arts.

A retrospective look over Ron Houghton’s oil paintings and watercolours with the sea as subject and his more recent work of a less pictorial nature using acrylics.

In Mentor’s naive, playful and happy artworks he expresses the dynamic colours from his indigenous town in Ecuador.

This second exhibition by Alejandro Gortazarcentered on magnificent portraits of the Maasai people and images representing their ways of living.

Our first exhibition by Alejandro Gortazarhad the Whitechapel Gallery classify 13 The Gallery as one of the top five art events in London.